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 Maximize, Boost, Speed Up your Internet Connection, SMART Bro to the Highest & Fullest!

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pinoykaibon Admin
pinoykaibon Admin

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PostSubject: Maximize, Boost, Speed Up your Internet Connection, SMART Bro to the Highest & Fullest!   Thu Dec 23, 2010 8:03 am

Internet tweaking po ito for SMART Bro, but for users having other connection like PLDT myDSL, Bayantel, Digitel are welcome to try. I do not guarantee na this is effective. Pero sakin this is it! It works for me! Just try po, then questions are welcome.

Sabi ng Tito ko, share ko daw knowledge ko about my SMART Bro KALIKOT~tation. Dadami daw friends ko, edi share ko! I'm Smart Bro user (P999) "i luv DL! (DL = Download)" especially µTorrent. I play Freestyle PH at Garena Dota. L4D (Left 4 Dead) din sana kaso weak video card ko. Also I can torrent while browsing the net. Then naisip ko I want more speed!

Karamihan nabasa kong forum about sa kanilang SMART Bro, ang MAX DL nila sa µTorrent is 60kbps? Pero sakin nasa 90kbps, minsan 94kbps, yan pag gabihan or madaling araw which konti ang nag iinternet. Sa days MAX ko ay nasa 80-70kbps, syempre depende parin yan sa seeds. Pag Normal DL nasa 101kbps using DAP (Download Accelerator Plus). Canopy Lite lang yung Antenna ko (512kbps), pero Im envy sa mga Canopy Enterprise witch (3mbps) ata na masarap kalikutin!

+ of the Screenshot utorrent 90kbps!

+ of the Screenshot 2wire.com test!

+ of the Screenshot speedtest.net!

+ of the Screenshot downloading using DAP (Download Accelerator Plus)!

Marami po akong style at experiment na ginawa, below po mga software, tools & steps I perform:

~ gpedit.msc (Group Policy) - Used the program to remove the 20% reserved bandwidth of the computer.
May 20% na bandwidth na nakareserve ang computer para sa sarili niya. Maybe para po ito sa Automatic Updates, na dapat ikaw ang nakikinabang nito. Screenshot po below:

+ of the Screenshot!

> To do this:

+ Start > Run, or WinKey + R, then type "gpedit.msc"

+ To the right panel go to:
Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Network > QoS Packet Scheduler

+ Look for "Limit reservable bandwidth", double click, enable, then sa baba yung "Bandwidth limit (%)" set it to "0" (zero). Done!

Definitely bibils browsing, DL, & any other internet activity.

> Baka lang po di na mag Automatic Updates, balik niyo lang na lang po sa dati or pag nag Automatic Updates iwasan niyo po yung too much internet activity. Pero sakin po napagsasabay-sabay ko po lahat, Browsing + DL + µTorrent + Automatic Updates. Pag naman po talagang important updates ay magiging priority po iyon.

~ "Half-open_limit_fix_4.1.exe" or "EvID4226Patch223d-en.zip"- Eto po ay tool patcher para sa TCPIP.sys, dito po naka set kung ilang yung MAX Half-open Connection na allowed for your computer, useful po ito for more connection that can interconnect to you. You can DL it to this links:

+ Half-open_limit_fix_4.1.exe http://half-open.com/Half-open_limit_fix_4.1.exe to download = small, very easy to use!

+ EvID4226Patch223d-en.zip http://www.lvllord.de/download.php?url=en/EvID4226Patch223d-en.zip to download = very small, easy to use!

+ of the Screenshot!

+ The default setting of TCPIP.sys is set to "10", nag search ako ng mga setting, sabi daw 1000? May 200-300? But I read some forums & FAQ that it can be set to 100. For me my setting is "99". Nasa sa inyo yan kung ilan yung iset niyo, 10 is default, 50 is safe, but I recommend 100 or below. Baka po mag overflow?

> Note: Each Automatic Updates po yata ay binabalik niya po sa “10” yung value. So check check niyo din po baka nababago.

~ Changing the Interface Metric on a Network Adapter - Dito po papalitan lang po yung metric. Mine po is set to "1", just follow the RED Line starting po sa RED Arrow at the Lower Right, the "Automatic Metric" Checkbox must be unchecked to enter a specific value, follow the screenshot link below:

+ of the Screenshot!

OR visit:

+ http://www.windowsreference.com/windows-2000/change-the-interface-metric-on-a-network-adapter/ to view more details.

~ Configuring Ethernet Adapter Properties - Medyo konting kalikot po dito. Follow the RED Line starting from the RED Arrow located at the Lower Right Corner. Begin by popping out the status of your LAN Adapter. Follow the 2 screenshot links below:

+ of the Screenshot!

+ of the Screenshot!

> Activity Property = Two options:

> Show Bytes (Recommended) = Para po makita sa Status ng Network niyo kung ilang total bytes na ang na Send or Receive.

> Show Packet = I don’t understand this option.

+ Adaptive Interrupt & Flow Control = I set this option both disable.

+ Receive / Transmit Buffers = Maybe dito po naka-set kung gano kalaki ang pedeng itransfer ng Ethernet Network Adapter. I set it to the highest value as possible.

+ The rest leave them as default.

~ Modem Booster - A Inkline Global program that greatly improves your internet speed. Kahit wala kang Modem basta naka internet ka pede mo itong gamitin. Auto-tune lang then your Done! See screenshot link below:

+ of the Screenshot!

DL as torrent here is the link:

+ Modem Booster V5 thepiratebay.org/4977050/Modem_Booster_v5.0_Build_111Full_Registered__Sanpork_.4977050.TPB.torrent to download as Torrent!

~ SpeedUpMyPC 2009 - A Uniblue Program that maximize the performance of the computer, configures Network, Windows, Startup Tweaks, removes Junks & Privacy files! Dito po just "Start Scan" & everything will be alright! See screenshot below:

+ of the Screenshot!

DL as torrent here is the link:

+ SpeedUpMyPC 2009 thepiratebay.org/4977050/Modem_Booster_v5.0_Build_111Full_Registered__Sanpork_.4977050.TPB.torrent to download as Torrent!

~ µTorrent Tweakings!

Nabasa ko lang din po ito sa website ng µTorrent FAQ. Dapat po ay modified na yung inyong MAX Half-open Connection sa TCPIP.sys. Makikita po yung procedure sa taas.

+ Sa µTorrent go to:
Options > Preferences > Advanced

> Modifying bt.connect_speed!
This option specifies the number of connections µTorrent should make each second up to the net.max_halfopen limit. Mine is set to "95".

+ of the Screenshot!

> Modifying net.max_halfopen!
This option specifies how many connections µTorrent should attempt to establish simultaneously at any given time. Mine is set to "97".

+ of the Screenshot!

+ http://www.bittorrent.com/btusers/guides/bittorrent-user-manual/appendix-bittorrent-mainline-interface/preferences/advanced to view source!

~ SMART Bro Users:

You must access your Canopy:
+ To do this, change your IP to "", then press the TAB key to fill the Subnet Mask automatically. Follow the RED Line starting at the Lower Right. OK all then close. See screenshot below:

+ of the Screenshot!

+ Then sa IE (Internet Explorer) or Mozilla or any internet browser, type mo sa address bar "", hit enter! See screenshot below:

+ [img]http://img35.imageshack.us/img35/2227/ip2l.png[/img of the Screenshot!

> These are default, kung di binago nung Contractor or Technician ng SMART Bro yung IP ng Canopy mo. Eto po sample ng Canopy Homepage, see screenshot below:

+ of the Screenshot!

Kung di mo maaccess, eh gumawa ka ng paraan para malaman toh. Nag search ako sabi daw:

> Akyatin mo yung Antenna, list mo daw yung parang 12 digit serial at convert sa hexadecimal na magiging IP ng Canopy mo. Which pag malas ka na umulan at burado na.

> OR reset jumper, may pagdidikiting yatang 2 tanso sa RJ at ma-rereset yung settings at magiging default yung IP.

> OR papuntahin mo sila at wari wari sabihin mo may diprensya net mo, lista mo lahat ng pinipindot nila sa Cellphone mo. Oh di kaya ask mo sila kung ibibigay ba nila?

Configue "QoS" (Quality of Service)

Here is the big deal. To the right panel, click "Configuration", then click the "Quality of Service (QoS)" tab. Below are two groups, the MIR & CIR Bandwith Settings. Deal more on MIR, see screenshot link below:

+ of the Screenshot!

+ Sustained Uplink / Downlink Data Rate:
> Default po nito both 500kbps? Uplink = 500kbps + Downlink = 500kbps = 1000kbps. Dapat po pag-inadd Uplink + Downlink mag equal siya sa 1000kbps (Uplink + Downlink = 1000kbps!).

Settings ko po ay Uplink = 200kbps at Downlink 800kbps. Dito po umaabot yung utorrent DL ko po sa 90kbps. Minsan naman UP = 300 / DOWN = 700. Naka pag-Garena Dota po ako ng maayos sa mga settings na toh. Basta yung host malakas ang connection. Pero ako mismo di pede mag host, join lang po ng join. At the same time I can download & torrent files while browsing the net.

+ Uplink / Downlink Burst Allocation = Must be set to the MAX range.

+ Others Settings may be leave as default.

+ You can copy po my settings as you like.

> Note: Sacrificing too much Uplink may cause undesirable result.
Best po kung at least UP = 25% & DOWN = 75% of kbps.

Para ibalik yung internet mo:

+ Set mo lang ulit sa “Obtain an IP address automatically”, balik ka lang sa SMART Bro Users corner sa taas. See the screenshot there. Pag ayaw, wait lang or restart your PC.

More tweaks available here:

+ http://www.tweakxp.com/internet_tweaks.aspx to visit!

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Maximize, Boost, Speed Up your Internet Connection, SMART Bro to the Highest & Fullest!
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