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 Are you ready for Birdwatching?

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PostSubject: Are you ready for Birdwatching?   Tue Dec 27, 2011 7:04 pm

As we are already at the threshold of a new year, what comes to my mind is to introduce to you an interesting pastime that could complement our interest on birds: Birdwatching.

Before I begin, you might want to be entertained by the following link about Birdwatching in the Philippines:

Avian Archipelago:


What is Birdwatching? It is the activity of observing birds in the wild. Birds in cages or any form of captivity don’t count.

A. FAQ on Birdwatching:

Please find below two links on how to start this interest:



B. Basic Code for Good Birdwatching (by Arne Jensen):

1. Dress in accordance to the weather and be prepared to be sweaty and even muddy. An umbrella is useful against rain and for sun protection. Bring water, sun block lotion, food, a notebook and wear a cap. Pack these in a small backpack (do not leave in the car!).

2. Best time for watching is from 5 –7 am and from 4-6:30pm. On light rainy days birds normally are active most of the day.

3. Wear light clothes of natural or earth colors – preferably khaki, green etc..

4. Keep always your binoculars perfectly clean and dry.

5. At all times make as little noise as possible and talk with low voice or whisper in order not to scare the birds away.

6. Walk slowly around and make no speedy movements. This may scare the birds.
Do not bring dogs with you. Birds are scared of dogs.

7. If you can hide in the vegetation or stand right next to a tree while observing the birds, you may get the birds closer to you.

8. If you are a group of bird watchers and in order to give everyone equal chance to see the birds, always stay together in one flock so that no one walks ahead or falls behind.

9. Do not stay near nests of birds and never take their young or their eggs.

10. Report illegal wildlife trade to accredited institutions or NGOs like DENR-PAWB (Wildlife) and Haribon-BirdLife.

11. Report the rare and unusual birds to the Wild Bird Club Records Committee. If you are really keen and do regularly bird watching, always make notes in the field of what species you see, count the numbers of them, note where you see them (their habitats) and note human activities (hunting, land conversion like reclamation, forest or grass fires).

If you don’t know what species it is try to make a simple sketch of it and describe what you see (size like a maya or a wild chicken, form and length of beak, legs, tail, wings, colors and patterns). This may help later to make the final identification.

C. Birdwatching on GMA News:


For more information, I would like to encourage you to visit the following websites to help you further into this hobby:

A. Wild Bird Club of the Philippines (WBCP): the WBCP official website on Philippine birdwatching


The WBCP regularly conducts free Guided Trips. If you do not have binoculars, you can easily request the Club to bring some for you during the trip. A minimal rental fee will be charged for the use of the binoculars.

B. Philippine Bird Photography Forum: a great forum on bird photography.


C. Nota bene: Regulation on the Ban on Selling, buying and trading of wildlife included in DENR Administrative Order No. 2004-15.

I am quoting below from our PinoyKAIBON Website what each responsible pet hobbyist should know and to safeguard in the keeping and caring of wild animals.

“As a responsible hobbyist, it is our duty to protect not only our domesticated pets, but also those that are in the wild especially those species that are endangered or threatened that are included in CITES Appendices I, II, III. It is our duty to protect them and do our part on preserving them.

Thus, PinoyKAIBON will not allow the selling/buying/trading of any animals included in DENR Administrative Order No. 2004-15. Any act of selling/buying or trading is considered illegal and PinoyKAIBON will not condone it. Post of such nature will be deleted immediately.

It is the sole duty of the advertiser to check whether the animal(s) that they will be selling/buying or trading is not included in the appendices. If you don’t know the scientific name, please use any means or references available, like books or the internet to help you determine if such animal is in the CITES list.

The list is provided under DENR Administrative Order No. 2004-15. You may email me privately (tyleraviary@gmail.com) for a copy of the PDF file.

Only those wildlife that have the necessary permits from DENR (e.g. animals bred and born in a DENR registered wildlife breeding facility) will be allowed to be sold here at PinoyKAIBON . Thus, be a Responsible Hobbyist.”

Feel free to email me should you have any question(s) regarding Birdwatching.

Best regards to all and greeting you a Happy and Prosperous New Year!


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Are you ready for Birdwatching?
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