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 Kaibon Forum RULES

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pinoykaibon Admin
pinoykaibon Admin

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PostSubject: Kaibon Forum RULES   Fri Nov 12, 2010 12:49 pm


Freedom of expression of every KAIBON member is recognized. However, any foul, abusive, derogatory, offensive or destructive words or remarks will not be tolerated. Such post will be deleted immediately. Offenders will be warned and repeated offense will be dealt with accordingly. Forumers are requested to report any offenders to any KAIBON administrator or moderators for immediate action.

No one is liable for your post or action but yourself. Be fair, honest, and respectable in every action you make here at KAIBON.

Healthy discussion is encouraged in the forum. If someone is asking a question or needing help, you are encouraged to answer the person?s query.

No derailing of topic. Stick to the topic at hand. If you have something to sell or say, you can always create your own thread.

Respect other?s opinion, ideas or post so you?ll be respected in return. People do make mistakes. Nobody is perfect. If you will correct someone, do so in a nice way.

Dishonesty/fraud is prohibited at the forum. Do not post any lies in order to gain something or discredit anyone here at KAIBON.

Using multiple username is not allowed. This is to eliminate any doubt or confusion.

Flaming is not allowed. Any post will be deleted immediately.

Spamming, flooding, sending unsolicited ads thru PMs/emails is not allowed. Violators will be banned immediately.

Try to use the search function prior to posting any inquiry especially if you are a newbie. Chances are that someone already asked that question and it is already been answered in the forum. Redundant posts/inquiry will be deleted immediately.

Posting in behalf of banned members to air their grievances is not allowed. Banned members may reach us admins and mods via email to properly address the issue.

KAIBON administrators and moderators are not paid to monitor the forum. Most of us are working professionals. We are doing this for the love of the hobby. We may not be able to monitor all post 24/7. If you have some concern that needs our attention, you may send us a PM.

Using the forum to attack, insult or disrespect any KAIBON member, admin or mod in any form will not be tolerated and will be investigated immediately. Corresponding penalty or action will be made against offenders. Please keep your criticisms constructive so that we can promote healthy interaction between KAIBON members.

Do not use the forum to air your grievance, hatred or anger. Chances are your thread would not even be read by the person you are trying to get to. Not everybody reads every single post in the forums. If you have any problem with anyone or anything here at KAIBON, you may send it to us (admins and mods) or the person concerned using PM. Misunderstandings can be solved sooner if the involved parties directly address the issue at hand. In cases where an intermediate party might be needed, KAIBON mods or admins are willing to intervene

We are still on the process of finalizing KAIBON'S Rules and Regulations. KAIBON may add or revise some rules if it deems fit. For the meantime, The above Rules and Rugulations shall be implemented.


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Kaibon Forum RULES
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